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e² Young Engineers – Ipoh

young engineersWelcome to e² Young Engineers Ipoh website!

We are excited to offer e² Young Engineers® programs to Ipoh, Malaysia! We are more than just an enrichment program; here at Young Engineers we believe in exclusively designed edutainment model. In our classes around the world we educate through exciting hands-on experimental learning. Our goal is to inspire minds while having as much fun as possible!
Our programs include Pre-schoolers, Primary through Secondary School Students, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, and more. We uses LEGO® building blocks to introduce children to learn real life applications in the fields of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

About Us:

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

At Young Engineers, we believe in engaging our students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn. We understand that every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, yet we have found that making learning fun is the lowest common detonator for a successful entertainment. We have meticulously generated hands-on curricula, which combine education and entertainment creating our unique “edutainment” method

Our Pedagogic Guidelines
Problem Based Learning: All Young Engineers programs use a Problem Based Learning approach. Rather than merely follow instructions by rote, students are challenge to take the information they’ve learned in the class and apply it to a real engineering problem. This not only reinforces the concepts they’ve learned, but also helps build their self confidence, which is a critical part of succeeding in STEM classes.

Spiral Learning: Our Spiral Learning technique can be found in every single Young Engineers lesson, as well as in the curricula of each program, begining with basic building skills, engineering terms, sophisticated models, software programming and continually working to advance those lessons and skills. Spiral Learning is in our core value system for how we educate. Each enrichment programs’ curriculum always builds upon the lessons of the before

We keep our students ahead of the traditional learning curve by making learning something they enjoy.

 In 2011, we were awarded the winner of the title “Entrepreneur of the year” by Youth Business International, (a network of international non-profit organizations overseen by organization president His Royal Highness, Prince of Whales, Prince Charles) e2 Young Engineers has created and continually develops a unique selection of enrichment programs and workshops. We strive to provide our students with the most comfortable learning experience by hiding the education in fun and exciting hands-on activities

In 2013 Carnegie Mellon University’s iCarnegie, chose to market e2 Young Engineers exclusive edutainment model to national education ministries around the world. Carnegie Mellon University, leaders in the field of engineering for over a century, believes in e2 Young Engineers as a way to shape youth today into future inventors, engineers and scientists

E2 Young Engineers, Ipoh

Our mission in E2 Young Engineers Ipoh, is to broaden your child’s mind while exposing them with the industrial revolution 4.0’s ideas of robotics and AI environment. Our program is not only teaching facts but rather on cultivating creativity, learning principles and enabling your child to apply practical skills. Your child might not choose to become an engineer but we believe this serves as a holistic foundation to cater to the upcoming demands for the robotics industry. We want to build your child’s future today.